Channel07  is a brand new media/publishing company. The main mission/motto of our initiative is to create this world a better place, where we can laugh, love and be friends with everyone. We are currently targeting to reach massive audience with a meaningful stories every  day, and we need original stories every day that helps our mission to create this world a better place. So, we are now accepting stories from the people who can write:


Is topic narrative, character, our outcome something truely new?


If people will see your story, will it be meaningful to them?


Would you share it? Would your folks share it? Most importantly would your mom’s pals share it?

About our writing program

Our articles/stories are generally short(around 300 to 500 words), but we are open to any ideas that will engage people around the globe. Most stories will be short in length and will be paid at a very fair price with extra bonuses based on traffic and distribution of the content. Everything will be hashed out in our contract if we decide to work together.


Read our site, check out our Facebook page, and see if you think your stories would be a good fit for Channel 07. If yes, then fill out our form below and we will soon reach you.

Why Write for Us?

There are many media companies with the same mission but Channel 07  mission is to change what the world pays attention to. We believe that the content/stories/articles about the burning issues can be great stories – Stories for every one, stories that will connect us, stories that will change the world.


Channel 07 Team 🙂