Demonetization : Forget ATMs & Banks; Now You Can Get Rs 2000 Cash At Petrol Pumps.

The entire country was broken after the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by Modi government on the eighth of November. Long lines were seen outside banks and ATMs since the time this declaration was made.

People are struggling hard to get their old notes exchanged. The exchange limit was Rs 4,500 per day but now it is again reduced to Rs 2,000 per day.


Additionally, since ATMs aren’t adjusted for new money, individuals are confronting an issue on that front as well. In this procedure of trading and pulling back money, individuals have gotten to be FRUSTRATED.

Be that as it may, Modi government has given a noteworthy alleviation now! Yes, now overlook ATMs and banks; even petrol pumps will apportion money starting now and into the foreseeable future!

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Written by Prashant Chamoli

Channel 07 Staff / India

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