Modi’s New rules for traffic are going to be a nightmare, Here is what is going to happen.

The state of the activity in India is deteriorating regular. It involves colossal sympathy toward both security and peace among individuals. Fatalities, wounds, street seethes and numerous more things are ascending from absence of activity security.

Pretty much as individuals were settling from the news of money boycott, our Prime Minister thought of something new and considerably additionally stunning to the general population of day by day drive. He has thought of an arrangement of new and stricter standards for street security and movement. All the new principles will be legitimate from today midnight.

In the event that you recollect the engine vehicle alteration bill of 2016 which had far and away more terrible punishments and fines for street activity violators, every one of them have become animated from today. The new principles include:

1. Not giving way to ambulance



2. Violating License terms



3. Oversized Vehicles


Written by Gaurav Chamoli

Channel 07 Staff / India

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