A social experiment by this women proved how sick and opportunistic humans are

What do you think about this experiment?


This is Marina Abramovic, in one of her works stood still for 6 hours, and clarified that wouldn’t move no matter what you do. Placed on a table 72 objects, some were of pleasure, others of destruction, flowers, feathers, perfumes, a knife, a gun loaded. Invited people to use the items they want in all the ways I wanted.

Abramovic said: “first it was peaceful and shy, but quickly climbed to violence”. ” What I learned was that if you leave the decision to the public, they can kill you. I felt raped, they cut off the clothes, they stuck me with thorns of rose in the stomach, aimed gun to the head, another came apart.

Created an atmosphere of aggression. After 6 hours, I got up and started to walk among the public. People were, they couldn’t look me in the face. Escape to the confrontation ” this work reveals something terrible about humanity.
Shows how fast a person can hurt you under favorable circumstances.

Shows how easy it is to dehumanize a person who does not fight, who does not defend himself.
It shows that if he provides the stage, the majority of “normal” people, apparently can become truly violent..
Criminology and crime.

Written by Nikhat Husain

Channel 07 Staff / India

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