Shocking – This Splitsvilla contestant lives like a girl, Checkout here.

We are certain you are excitedly sitting tight for Splitsvilla Season 9, would it say it isn’t? Disregard that; we have a HOT redesign for you from the show’s season 8. Any thinks about what is it? All things considered, it is about Gaurav Arora, a dubious contender of that season; recollect that him?


He had picked up everybody’s consideration by admitting that he is an indiscriminate and from that point forward, there has been a great deal of buzz about the same. Be that as it may, things are not the same any longer!

Presently, Gaurav has gotten to be Gauri; confounded? Indeed, this is not any name change, but rather an existence change for Gaurav. Yes, he experienced a S3x change operation and has satisfied his craving of getting affection from men!

This character change brought forth Gauri, a hot chic! Yes, she is really HOT and her pics demonstrate that! Need to observe? Here you go…

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Written by Naina Rawal

Channel 07 Staff / India


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