12 Super Sexy WWE moments that were cut down from the broadcast

We all are of fan of WWE, and everyone in childhood loved to watch the moves of their favorite wrestlers. But there were many moments which were considered as too hot moments for the show.

There were many super sexy moments in WWE that were too bold for the audience. Being a child oriented audience, the show has to cut down these super sexy WWE moments from the broadcast.


1. Rosa Mendes, probably best known as a part of Total Divas and as a manager for Primo and Epico, doesn’t have much in the way of career highlights. To date her most notable event was when, in a 2014 tag team match, Mendes found herself exposed to fans. Grabbing hold of Mendes’ bottoms, Layla accidentally yanked down her briefs, giving viewers an eyeful. While some claim she was wearing a see-through thong underneath the view was enough and the cameras quickly cut to black.

super sexy wwe moments


2. Both of the Bella twins have had their run-ins with the censors for accidentally showing too much of themselves. While Brie Bella’s exposure incident occurred during a promo (her double-sided tape failed on her, causing her plunging neckline to reveal more than intended), Nikki’s was at least during a brawl. Piled on by four opponents, Nikki rolled out of the ring only to find some of her had rolled out too. The censors caught it, but audience members did too.

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3. Kaitlyn’s nemesis AJ Lee was in the middle of a promo, boasting about her skills as a female wrestler, when, having had enough, Kaitlyn decided to attack. Scrambling to get away from Kaitlyn, AJ’s movements caused Kaitlyn to be dragged along the mat. By the time Kaitlyn got to her feet another part of her had been dragged out as well. While the event aired live, subsequent airings have the moment edited out.


Written by Naina Rawal

Channel 07 Staff / India

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